2NH.F 1.62 (+1.89%)
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Naturhouse Health (2NH.F) Financial Metrics

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Total Revenue

Free CashFlow

Year EPS Dividend Yield PE Ratio MarketCap Return On Assets Total Revenue Free CashFlow EBITDA Net Income Cash
2023 0 9.38 0 0 0.25 50.41M 20.38M 18.31M 11.29M 24.39M
2022 0.16 19.23 9.71 93.52M 0.21 52.4M 6.13M 15.6M 9.63M 12.11M
2021 0.22 3.23 8.34 111.51M 0.29 57.59M 16.12M 21.01M 13.36M 27.25M
2020 0.16 3.4 9.4 88.15M 0.23 55.08M 14.38M 18.1M 9.38M 21.61M
2019 0.22 12.59 8.98 119.1M 0.37 81.67M 18.79M 23.3M 13.26M 10.31M
2018 0.26 21.63 6.13 94.3M 0.42 87.29M 19.38M 23.9M 15.37M 8.25M
2017 0.33 9.55 12.03 238.8M 0.48 94.7M 14.67M 29.85M 19.86M 8.33M
2016 0 7.73 0 0 0.53 97.82M 0 0 22.5M 16.08M
2015 0 1.3 0 0 0 95.79M 0 0 22.86M 19.83M

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