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Aktia Bank (2A41.F) Stock Highlights

9.17 | +0.33%
2024-07-13 02:47:47
Aktia Bank operates in Finland and offers a broad range of financial services, including banking, asset management, and insurance. The vast majority of its customer base lives in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which accounts for most of its loan and deposit activities. It operates through business segments: banking business, which includes individual, corporate, and institutional customers; and asset management, which includes the firms asset management business and life insurance arm and Group functions. The majority of revenue comes from the banking business segment.


Range Today
9.12 9.17
Volume Today 0
Range 1 Year
8.59 10.14
Volume 1 Year 446
Range 3 Year
8.54 13.1
Volume 3 Year 1.86K
Range 10 Year
6.48 13.1
Volume 10 Year 10.09K


Market Capitalization 736.63M (small)
Floating Shares 40.01M
Current Price 9.17
Price To Earnings 7.12
Price To Revenue 10.91
Price To Book 0.9
Earnings Per Share 1.29
Dividend Yield 7.69%
Dividend Per Share 0.7
Payout Ratio 54.26%


Latest +0.33%
1 Month +2.23%
3 Months +2.12%
6 Months -3.47%
1 Year +1.1%
3 Years -17.24%
5 Years +3.03%
10 Years +10.48%


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