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Elmera Group (1ZK.F) Financial Metrics

This table shows a selected set of financial data points of Elmera Group (1ZK.F). You can choose which elements to display by selecting the desired chart and column.


Total Revenue

Free CashFlow

Year EPS Dividend Yield PE Ratio MarketCap Return On Assets Total Revenue Free CashFlow EBITDA Net Income Cash
2023 1.77 5.12 16.55 3.18B 0.02 18.92B 965.65M 791.44M 192.29M 338.75M
2022 0.67 22.3 23.55 1.74B 0.01 25.52B -414.44M 752.06M 73.85M 70.55M
2021 2.25 7.58 20.52 5.27B 0.03 15.08B 293.33M 795.77M 257.03M 306.31M
2020 3.73 3.72 21.59 8.64B 0.1 4.15B 454.04M 1.05B 400.06M 599.35M
2019 3.54 3.73 16.67 6.17B 0.11 7.12B 713.32M 695.39M 370.17M 775.54M
2018 2.43 0 0 0 0.09 6.72B 0 0 253.57M 0
2017 2.41 0 0 0 0.13 4.45B 0 0 251.94M 0
2016 2.46 0 0 0 0 3.93B 0 0 257.05M 0

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