1S3.F 119.3 (+0.08%)
IT0004729759SoftwareInformation Technology Services

Sesa (1S3.F) Stock Highlights

119.3 | +0.08%
2024-07-17 01:38:56
Sesa SpA and its subsidiaries are in the business of distribution of value-added IT solutions and products. The firm functions through the Business Services Sector, Value Added Distribution, Corporate Sector and the Software and System Integration segment. The activities of these segments include distribution of software and hardware technologies, the supply of IT services and solutions, administrative and financial services, organization, planning and control, management of information technologies, human resources, general, corporate and legal affairs, activities related to logistics services and cloud computing.


Range Today
117.8 119.3
Volume Today 5
Range 1 Year
90.8 126.7
Volume 1 Year 677
Range 3 Year
90.8 191.2
Volume 3 Year 3.37K
Range 10 Year
13.38 191.2
Volume 10 Year 18.77K


Market Capitalization 1.99B (small)
Floating Shares 7.28M
Current Price 119.3
Price To Earnings 22.21
Price To Revenue 0.63
Price To Book 4.4
Earnings Per Share 5.29
Dividend Yield 0.84%
Dividend Per Share 1
Payout Ratio 18.9%


Latest +0.08%
1 Month +13.94%
3 Months +21.24%
6 Months +3.02%
1 Year +6.14%
3 Years -16.81%
5 Years +277.53%
10 Years +690.07%


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