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Covestro (1COV.DE) Stock Highlights

55.44 | +0.8%
2024-07-23 17:04:53
Covestro, formerly Bayer Material Science, was spun off from the Bayer Group in 2015. The firm is a market leader in polyurethanes and polycarbonates, products that the company discovered in the mid-20th century. It also has a sizable speciality chemicals business that is focused on coatings and adhesives. Demand for Covestros products is driven primarily by cyclical end markets, such as automotive, construction, and furniture.


Range Today
54.84 55.5
Volume Today 563.78K
Range 1 Year
44.57 55.66
Volume 1 Year 181.95M
Range 3 Year
27.69 60.24
Volume 3 Year 755.21M
Range 10 Year
23.54 95.78
Volume 10 Year 2.2B


Market Capitalization 11.26B (large)
Floating Shares 188.68M
Current Price 55.44
Price To Earnings -49.82
Price To Revenue 0.92
Price To Book 1.56
Earnings Per Share -1.1
Payout Ratio 0%


Latest +0.8%
1 Month +7.86%
3 Months +14.19%
6 Months +16.23%
1 Year +13.72%
3 Years -0.57%
5 Years +30.57%
10 Years +113.23%


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