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Ageas SA/ (0Q99.IL) Stock Highlights

44.17 | -0.45%
2024-07-12 23:56:55
Ageas is a life and nonlife insurance company that derives most of its income from life and savings, mostly from Belgium and is headquartered in Brussels. Ageas is essentially the result of the failed bid for ABN Amro by Banco Santander; Fortis; Royal Bank of Scotland. The capital requirements placed on these banks as a result of the acquisition combined with severe write-downs on its collateralised debt obligations in the case of Fortis left the business requiring capital. Understandably, a less successful capital raising that took place place the GLOBAL financial crisis wanst enough and the bank, Fortis, had to be sold and nationalised. What remained was Fortis Insurance, which in 2010 was renamed to Ageas.


Range Today
43.82 44.44
Volume Today 6.91K
Range 1 Year
null 48.46
Volume 1 Year 66.69M
Range 3 Year
null 50.34
Volume 3 Year 258.55M
Range 10 Year
null 55.93
Volume 10 Year 519.89M


Market Capitalization 8.82B (mid)
Floating Shares 152.03M
Current Price 44.17
Price To Earnings 8.76
Price To Revenue -0.36
Price To Book 1.1
Earnings Per Share 4.96
Dividend Yield 7.87%
Dividend Per Share 3
Payout Ratio 60.48%


Latest -0.45%
1 Month +2.74%
3 Months +4.1%
6 Months +12.02%
1 Year +19.06%
3 Years -6%
5 Years -7.98%
10 Years +50.96%


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