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Broadcom (AVGO) Explained

An Overview of AVGO: Its Business Strategy, Core Products, Major Competitors, and Essential Insights into its Role in the Semiconductors Industry

Broadcom--the combined entity of Broadcom and Avago--boasts a highly diverse product portfolio across an array of end markets. Avago focused primarily on radio frequency filters and amplifiers used in high-end smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, in addition to an assortment of solutions for wired infrastructure, enterprise storage, and industrial end markets. Legacy Broadcom targeted networking semiconductors, such as switch and physical layer chips, broadband products (such as television set-top box processors), and connectivity chips that handle standards such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The company has acquired Brocade, CA Technologies, Symantecs enterprise security business, and has a pending deal to acquire VMware to bolster its offerings in software.

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Current Business Strategy

Broadcom's current strategy focuses on expanding its portfolio in the infrastructure software segment, leveraging acquisitions to enter new markets and strengthen its existing product lineup. The company aims to enhance its semiconductor business by integrating software solutions with its hardware offerings, thereby offering comprehensive solutions to its clients. Broadcom also emphasizes R&D to drive innovation across its product lines, maintaining a competitive edge in the semiconductor and software industries.

Most known Products

Here is the list of the 5 most well-known products of Broadcom (AVGO):

  • Broadcom ASICs: Application-specific integrated circuits designed for specific use in consumer, industrial, and networking applications, providing high performance and efficiency.
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Chips: Wireless chips supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, enabling connectivity in a wide range of devices from smartphones to home appliances.
  • Network Switches: Advanced networking hardware that facilitates data transfer and communication between devices in a network, widely used in data centers and enterprise IT setups.
  • Broadcom Software (Symantec, CA Technologies): Business software products including cybersecurity solutions from Symantec and enterprise software from CA Technologies, following Broadcom's acquisition of these companies.
  • Fiber Optic Products: Components and modules for optical communications, including transceivers and switches, used in data communication and telecommunication networks.


Here is the list of the main 5 competitors of Broadcom (AVGO):

  • INTC: Intel Corporation is a major competitor in the semiconductor industry, particularly in the CPU market where both companies compete for market share in data centers and personal computers.
  • QCOM: Qualcomm is a competitor in the wireless communications semiconductor market, especially in areas related to mobile modem chips and wireless connectivity solutions.
  • NVDA: NVIDIA Corporation competes with Broadcom in the market for GPUs and networking hardware, particularly in data centers and AI applications where high-performance computing is critical.
  • AMD: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is a competitor in the semiconductor market, particularly in CPUs and GPUs, competing in sectors such as personal computing, gaming, and data centers.
  • CSCO: Cisco Systems, Inc. is a direct competitor in the networking and communications equipment market, offering a wide range of products that compete with Broadcom's network switches and other infrastructure solutions.

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